Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Opening day archery 2012

Well friends, I did it!  I got my buck on opening day!  Briggan is teething, and we had a horrible night, so when the alarm went off Monday morning, I was dragging a little.  4 hours of sleep is not enough! So we got out to the stand and did not have to wait long.  After first light, my buck came in.  Boy, was my adrenaline pumping.  He presented a shot, so I took it.......and I was holding my bow so tight that I skipped an arrow across his back.  He ran a short distance but decided to come back in.  This is RARE. Most people will never get a second shot at a deer, but he gave me another chance.  He presented me with another broadside shot, and I nailed him.  He ran about 20 yds. and that was it.  I was super pumped!  The really neat thing is that Todd got the whole thing on video.  It was nice to watch it all again.  It will also be neat to show Briggan some day.  It is always nice to get a deer, but then the real work begins.  We process all the meat ourselves, so we have a busy couple of days ahead!  It is worth it though for deer jerky!

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