Friday, September 7, 2012

Scott Lake weekend

This past weekend we went to Scott Lake.  We had a great time just relaxing with family.  We went on walks, and went to Monument Rock.  This was a very sleep deprived weekend however, and mommy had enough!  So, as soon as we got home we began Ferber sleep training. I am happy to report my little man has made it two nights in a row sleeping through the night!  Hopefully it will continue!  We have a busy weekend ahead, I have a race on Saturday morning, and we are painting our house finally!  I would love to use Sunday to recover, but I'm on call.  Have a great weekend everyone!
Daddy was letting Briggan work on a Hot Pocket.  He kept saying "mmmmm!"

Briggan's first view of the lake

Spectator during our walk

Beautiful day for Jeepin!

Beautiful sky, top off the Jeep

Monument Rock

Grandma Scott

Todd looking for fossils

Briggan giving himself some sugar!

Local wildlife

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  1. Awesome pictures Laura. We will have to go there someday! Enjoy your weekend. Back to full on training on Monday!!