Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Las Vegas race report.....finally!

Hey everyone!  I am sorry my race weekend recap is so late, but I had a crazy week with my dad in the hospital, but that is another post altogether.

Let me begin by saying how tremendously hard it was to leave my baby for the first time!  I knew he was in great hands, and we all survived.  We flew in to Vegas on Friday afternoon.  I wanted to get to the running expo before it got too crowded.  We were able to walk and shop without fighting a crowd which was nice.  I picked up a onesie for Bubba, a shirt for myself, Yurbuds for Todd and I, new running hat and headband, and a 13.1 christmas ornament.  We also loaded up on the numerous samples and handouts they give. They had Gu samples in peanut butter, yummy!  As we were leaving, I saw the "Penguin"! Only my running friends will probably know who he is, but his name is John Bingham, and he is a famous author and runner.  He is an advocate for all of us slow runners out there! I just had to go talk to him! I am sure Todd was mortified, but I had to meet him!  He was very cool, and Todd talked motorcycles with him for about 10 minutes.  Very down to earth guy!

Friday night, we had dinner reservations at Sushisamba at our hotel.  We stayed at the Palazzo.  Todd and I both love sushi, and we definitely indulged that night! 

After dinner, the race had a Michelob Ultra sponsored concert.  The band was called "Sick Puppies".  I didn't think I had ever heard of them, but I recognized a few songs that they play on Octane on XM radio.  It was held down on Fremont street, and we definitely got to see all kinds of people!    We went back to the hotel at midnight because our bodies were telling us it was 2 am, Kansas time.

Saturday we had breakfast at the buffet in the Venetian and then walked the strip. We had a small lunch at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. And drinks :)  My legs were getting tired, so we retreated to the room and watched a movie.  I ended up falling asleep, my body needed the sleep!  After my nap, I headed down to the spa for some treadmill time.  I needed to run to reassure myself I was ready. It was a fairly short run, I was running short on time. We had reservations at a very nice place for supper, and I wanted to have plenty of time to get ready.  We went to a place at the Bellagio called "Olives".  They had some of the best steak I have ever tasted!  I knew Lori D. would approve of that beef!  It was amazing, and I was stuffed.  We had tickets for the Cirque de Soleil show "Zumanity".  It was really funny, but pretty racy!  Do not get front row tickets unless you are prepared to be embarrassed! 

I was wiped out, so we headed back to the room for some shut-eye.  On Sunday, I wanted to lay low and let my legs rest, so we ate breakfast and lunch at our hotel.  The nerves began kicking in and I had to start getting ready for my race.  They shut the strip down, so we had to board a shuttle to take us to the start line.  It began to cloud up, and the wind started blowing pretty hard.  I felt like I was right at home!  We waited for what felt like forever.  Finally the announced for us to make our way to our corrals, so I gave Todd a kiss and ventured to my corral.  The anticipation was killing me because even though they had started the race, it took 30 minutes for my corral to even get to the start line!  I took a deep breath, and began my race.  The wind was hard to take for the first mile or so.  We made a turnaround past the Las Vegas sign, and then had the wind at our backs and it made all the difference in the world!  I was feeling great and began to look for Todd on the course.  I was able to spot him on a bridge over Las Vegas Boulevard about mile 3 or 4.  I was so excited to see him in the see of people!  His beard makes him easily recognizable.  The sights of the strip were very cool to see while running.

However, the further up the strip we got, the sketchier it got.  I was able to see inside the pawn shop from Pawn Stars, I was cheered on by a drunken tattoo artist and a few homeless people.  Normally, I wouldn't have felt safe, but there were plenty of police around.  We continued into some residential areas before hitting a turnaround and headed back to the strip.  About mile 9, I was starting to lose faith in myself and my muscles, so I started to pray.  I asked God for strength to just make it to the finish.  Moments later, a fellow runner starting singing, "God is so powerful" over and over again like a chant.  She had the most beautiful voice! Godhad sent me the encouragement I needed.  I was determined to finish strong.  Every time I felt like walking, I reminded myself that I could do this, and that the discomfort was only temporary.  I finished in 2:53.  My goal was to finish closer to 2:30.  Midweek before the race, I came down with a sinus infection.  So, considering, I feel like I did well and ran strong.  I am pleased with how my body handled the distance.  I will try and improve next time!  Yes, there will be a next time!

I was able to see Todd from the finish line, but he could not see me.  We met up in front of our hotel and I cleaned up for dinner.  My feet were sore, so we chose to go back to Sushisamba because it was in our hotel and we didn't have to walk far.  As we stepped in the restaurant, I couldn't believe my eyes!  I wanted to pass outwhen I saw this guy:

Meb Keflezighi!  He won the 2009 New York City marathon, and was the first American to do so since 1982!  He is an Olympic marathoner, and is a legend in the running world!  I restrained myself from bothering him during dinner, but I was just starstruck!  It is very cool to see someone that you usually only see in running magazines.  He also shares my birthday!  So, seeing him was definitely a cool way to end my race weekend.  Todd and I were ready to go home, we missed our Bubba terribly!

Sorry for the long post, I just had so much to tell you!

If you would like to see more of my race pics, here is the link:  I warn you, some of them are horrid!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Santa's little helpers!

Hello everyone!  Life has been super busy with half-marathon training!  Sorry I haven't posted in a while!

Friday I got off work early and had to get in my long run for the week.  I had to run 10 miles by myself.  All of my normal running buddies were working. Sad face.  It was mentally the toughest run I have had in a long time.  I was on call for the weekend, so I knew I had to get it done on Friday.  I had a busy weekend on call, but I survived. Sunday night we had a family supper at great grandma and grandpa Scott's.  Brad also made it to town. Briggan enjoyed all the electronics he brought with him.

he must be an Apple kind of kid


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Freezing moments in time

After much anticipation, my CD of pictures were in the mail today!  We had them done in Wichita with Emona Hennen photography and they turned out great!  It was freezing and I am glad that it didn't appear that way on film. We had a great time and Todd's parents even hopped in for a few shots! 


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween in pictures!

We started the afternoon off by heading to the daycare.  I wanted to see all the daycare kids in their costumes.
Kuddly Kids daycare

                                             We then stopped by the museum to see Mimi!

     Next stop was to Grandma and Grandpa Millers!  Donald and Joy were there too! Grandma Miller went with us down the Trick or Treat trail on Main street.

I wonder if Grandpa is telling strories?

Next stop was the trick or treat trail.  It is a neat thing to do, and I wish they had something like this when I was a kid!

A hit with the ladies!

Getting sleepy!

John Deere booth with Kelley Baker!

My sleepy dragon
The next stop was out to Great Grandma and Grandpa Scotts!  So, we loaded up this sleepy dragon and headed out there.

Great Grandpa making Briggan smile!

Our treat from Great Grandma was marshmallows, yummy! I like to eat!

                                   I hope that everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Carrie Underwood weekend!

This past weekend we made the long awaited trip to Wichita.  Saturday morning was busy! We had family pictures taken at Bradley fair.  I never knew there was such pretty scenery behind it! Briggan did great, he is quite a ham!
       Grandma watched Briggan so that Todd and I could have a sushi date for lunch.  We tried a new place, and it was awesome!  I even ventured out and ordered something different! I got the spicy tuna roll, but it was too spicy for me.  We also made a trip to Cabela's, which is only a block from Crystal's house. 

 Todd's sister Crystal and I have been planning a girls night out since the spring.  We got tickets to the Carrie Underwood/Hunter Hayes concert.  So Saturday evening we went to Old Town for an early dinner before heading to the concert.  Once we made it to the concert we attempted to find our seats.  We had to ask for help, and apparently we had premium tickets! We were given access to the Cox lounge in the executive boxes!  No waiting in line for drinks!  We were pretty pumped about that.  Carrie absolutely ROCKED! My new fitness goal is to have legs like hers!  We had a great time.

Sunday morning, I had to do my long run.  I had to get 7 miles in.  I found a trail that runs along K-96 headed east.  Each loop was 3.5 miles, so I just ran the loop twice.  It was beautiful weather for it. However, at the end of my run a bird pooped on my head! UGH!  Our family had gone out to lunch while I was running, so they brought me food back.  At the end of a long run there is nothing better than takeout from Cheddars!

     We made a trip to Babies R Us before heading home to get baby food.  With Briggan standing and occasionally trying to walk, we decided he needed a push walker.  We found a cute little motorcycle.  Now he is motoring all over the house with it!

Hope everyone has a great Halloween week!

Beringer white zin from dinner, a new favorite!

Bubba on his new motorcycle

I'm a fast mover now!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Liebster Award Part 2

I ran out of time yesterday to finish my Liebster award post, so here is Part II.  I am new to blogging so there are only a few blogs I follow, and only a few were under 200 followers, so the blogs I nominate are

3 cowboys and a mommy
Grain Girl
Candice's Corner
The Pink Momma

I answered the questions from Anne on my previous post, so here are the questions Kelley had for me.  I was excited to be nominated by her also!

1.  How long have you been blogging and what made you start?
    -  I have only been blogging a few months and started after reading Anne and Kelley's blogs.  I wanted to be able to stay connected with family and friends that may not follow facebook.
2.  What is your dream job?
     - My dream job is exactly what I am doing.  I love working with my patients, and I love the scientific aspects of my job.  I get to be a people person and a science nerd all at the same time!
3.  Would you rather be a bird or a fish and why?
     - I would rather be a bird.  You can fly wherever you want.  As a fish you are contained to a body of water.  Also,  I married into a family full of pilots and I love flying whenever they go up!
4.  What is the best gift you've ever received?
    -  My son, he came straight from God!
5.  All time favorite beauty product?
    - Clinique Butter Shine Lipstick.
6.  What do you want to be for Halloween this year?
    -  I have been so preoccupied getting Briggan's Costume, I haven't even thought  about one for me.
7.  Name something you can't go a day without doing.
     -Facebook! Pathetic I know!
8.  If you were given the keys to a time machine, where would you go and why?
     - The summer before my Grandma Lee died.  I wouldn't change anything, I would just soak up every minute with her.  She was a wise lady, and I miss her terribly.
9.  Do you prefer blue or black ink?
     -black ink, in the lab, blue ink is a no-no!
10.  What's the last thing you regretted buying?
       -hmmm, can't think of anything!
11.  If you could trade lives with anyone, who would it be?
        -I really love my life, so I wouldn't want to trade forever.  It would be fun to be Olympian Kara Goucher for a day though! She is an awesome mommy marathoner and extremely fast.  I would love to see what it feels like to have that kind of speed.

Now, I have 11 questions for those whom I have nominated.

1.  Name one person from history you would like to know more about and why.

2.  Name one talent that you have that others may not know about.

3.  If you had a $1000, but it had to be spent helping others, how would you use it?

4.  How did you know your spouse was "the one"?

5.  What book or movie has made in impression on your life?

6.  Do you wash your makeup off before bed or the next morning?

7.  When fighting with your spouse, do you stay up and fight or go to bed mad?  ;)

8.  If money isn't an option, what is your dream vacation?

9.  Cake:  what flavor?

10.  What song do you sing at the top of your lungs when nobody can hear you? 

11.  When you are sick, what is the one thing that comforts you most?

Have fun! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Liebster award

My friend Anne nominated me for this award.  I have never heard of this, but here is what it is about.

1. You have to list 11 things about yourself.
2. Answer the questions sent to you from the person who nominated you.
3. Choose up to 11 bloggers that you follow with less than 200 followers.
4. Go to your nominees page and inform them of the award.
5. Make 11 questions for your nominees.
6. You cannot tag back.
So here goes, eleven things about me:
1.  I love an adrenaline rush!  Hunting and running both supply me with this.
2.  I am an only child.
3.  I am a Coca-Cola addict, commit me!
4.  I am a published poet!  In the fourth grade, my poem was chosen to be published in a compilation book.  I think my mom still has it somewhere.
5.  I am a running clothes hoarder.
6.  I think Lays potato chips and french onion dip should be an acceptable meal choice.
7.  When I was little, my goal was to be in the Olympics for gymnastics. 
8.  I am a speed reader.  I can finish most books within a day.  This helped me a lot in school.
9.  I am terrified of being out on dark water.
10. I love medical shows, real ones! The gorier the better!
11. I used to be a nail biter, now I'm reformed!
So, now to answer the questions Anne gave me:
1.  If you have $1 Million and you can only spend it for one day, what will you buy? 
     I would buy my parents a house, buy me a new house and pay off all my debt.  I would invest some of it.  Then with what is left, I would randomly go and pay things for people.  I would love to be able to pay bills for someone that is struggling.  I would love to go into a store and randomly pay for someone's groceries, payoff a layaway, etc.
2.  Who is your childhood superhero?
      I don't know that I had one?
3.  What is your all-time favorite movie?
      Miss Congeniality
4.  Name 5 things that you can't live without.
            my baby
            my hubby
            Coca-Cola  (see above)
            Cream cheese and Salsa
5.  Do you believe in ghost? 
     Not ghosts per se, but I do believe that we can be contacted by loved ones in some ways.
6.  What is your most embarrassing moment?
      In high school, I was a cheerleader.  We were in Colby at a basketball tournament.  I had just opened a new package of bloomers and slipped them on without looking them over.  I was tumbling at halftime, and my coach pulled me aside.  Everyone could see my bright blue underwear!  Upon closer inspection, the bloomers had never been sewn along the seam in the crotch! 
7.  What is on your purse at this moment? Name 5 things.
I don't have a purse anymore, I only carry my wallet and Briggan's diaper bag.....
     changing pad
8.  What is your dream car?
      The small Cadillac SUV, SRX maybe?
9.  When was the last time you cry?
      Yesterday at a funeral for a great man.
10. Who is the most important person in your life?
       My GOD!
11. Describe yourself in one word.

Things I can't live without.....beauty related anyway.

I have decided to do another "favorite things" post.  Most of you know that I am not the greatest about always being "done up", but when I do, these are the products I love!

This is hands down the most natural looking self tanner out there.  I have used it on and off for years.  I try other things but I always come back to this.  The brush is great because it keeps your hands clean!  It is a little more expensive than most self tanners, but worth it in my book!

I know, you are wondering why I have this on a beauty post.  Believe it or not, this is the best mattifier and primer for us oily faced gals.  I found out about it during a Youtube makeup video.  I didn't believe it myself until I tried it! You just put in on your face with a cotton ball, after moisturizer, but before your foundation.

My new favorite eyeshadow is the Bare Mineral Ready pallettes.  I have always used Bare Mineral loose powder eyeshadows.  I love that they came out with these! They are much easier to use and travel with, but the color saturation is still as good as before.  My favorite is called "Top Shelf".
This will always be my "go to" foundation.  With oily skin, this is the only foundation that stays put for me.  Love it!

My favorite lipstick will always be Clinique Butter Shine.  It is a hybrid between a gloss and lipstick.  It has great color saturation of a lipstick, but the shine and shimmer of a gloss.  My biggest pet peeve is sticky lip products, and this is not.  It lives up to it's name. It literally feels like butter!

Nars Orgasm blush will be the blush I use forever! It is a perfect blend of peach and pinks, and has enough gold shimmer to make you "glow".  It is a color that looks great on everybody!

I am almost always wearing a ponytail, but these are great for creating all kinds of styles.  My inspiration comes from Youtube! I have really thick, long hair and these two pins can hold a bun in place.  They just twist in, and they can hold my hair all day.  I love using them for a messy side bun.
This is my favorite product for backcombing my hair.  It just takes a little bit, dusted into your roots.  Then it acts as a gripper as you backcomb.  I love BIG hair!  As they say, "the higher the hair, the closer to heaven!"

I hope I didn't bore you to death with my beauty routine! I just love to see what people use and love, and sometimes I venture out and find new things!

Have a great week everyone!