Monday, August 6, 2012

Las Vegas here I come!!!!

It is that time of year! It is time to start training for my next half-marathon!  I have ran Disney World twice, so this year I went for a change in scenery.  My husband and I have never been to Vegas together, so it will be our first post-baby getaway.  My heart is already hurting thinking about leaving my baby, but I know that he will be in great hands while we are away.  I am hoping to find a training partner to get ready for Vegas, it goes so much smoother when you have someone to help motivate you!  I will be starting to put in evening runs after I put the baby to bed.  I have a new respect for other mother runners, it is hard juggling everything! Wish me luck!

Disney World 2009

Disney World 2010


  1. When is Vegas? I am interested!! I seriously need some motivation!

    1. Kelley-
      The race is Dec. 2 in Las Vegas! You guys should come with us!