Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Carrie Underwood weekend!

This past weekend we made the long awaited trip to Wichita.  Saturday morning was busy! We had family pictures taken at Bradley fair.  I never knew there was such pretty scenery behind it! Briggan did great, he is quite a ham!
       Grandma watched Briggan so that Todd and I could have a sushi date for lunch.  We tried a new place, and it was awesome!  I even ventured out and ordered something different! I got the spicy tuna roll, but it was too spicy for me.  We also made a trip to Cabela's, which is only a block from Crystal's house. 

 Todd's sister Crystal and I have been planning a girls night out since the spring.  We got tickets to the Carrie Underwood/Hunter Hayes concert.  So Saturday evening we went to Old Town for an early dinner before heading to the concert.  Once we made it to the concert we attempted to find our seats.  We had to ask for help, and apparently we had premium tickets! We were given access to the Cox lounge in the executive boxes!  No waiting in line for drinks!  We were pretty pumped about that.  Carrie absolutely ROCKED! My new fitness goal is to have legs like hers!  We had a great time.

Sunday morning, I had to do my long run.  I had to get 7 miles in.  I found a trail that runs along K-96 headed east.  Each loop was 3.5 miles, so I just ran the loop twice.  It was beautiful weather for it. However, at the end of my run a bird pooped on my head! UGH!  Our family had gone out to lunch while I was running, so they brought me food back.  At the end of a long run there is nothing better than takeout from Cheddars!

     We made a trip to Babies R Us before heading home to get baby food.  With Briggan standing and occasionally trying to walk, we decided he needed a push walker.  We found a cute little motorcycle.  Now he is motoring all over the house with it!

Hope everyone has a great Halloween week!

Beringer white zin from dinner, a new favorite!

Bubba on his new motorcycle

I'm a fast mover now!


  1. What a fun weekend. Can't wait to hear more about it on our morning run!